Alexith & Mojo and the Silberfisch

Alexith = A, Mojo = M and Silberfisch = Silberfisch. >>Sun is shining, Clear sky and bird's chirping as in this song on youtube: Alexith and Mojo came out of there home to breathe some fresh air when sudddenly, A: what?? M: ?? They both saw a dying fish in front of them. Silberfisch:... Continue Reading →


3 Mystery/Thriller Movies Based on Computers x Internet

1.23: Nichts ist so wie es scheint (1998) German drama thriller film about a young hacker Karl Koch, who died on 23 May 1989, a presumed suicide. It was directed by Hans-Christian Schmid. Very influencive !! 2.Paranoia 1.0 or One Point 0 (2004) Corporate workers use a computer programmer (Jeremy Sisto) as a guinea pig... Continue Reading →

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